Semi Automatic With Sump

Semi Automatic With Sump

Semi Automatic With Sump

  Over head working principle is the same as Semi automatic without sump model. Here the customer is not sure that the sump is always sufficient with water. Sometimes you switch ON the motor without noticing the sump tank.

  When the motor runs without water in the sump (Dry Run), the motor gets damaged resulting in motor dead and customer has to go for a new motor.

  So here we install a similar sensor as in the overhead tank, but at the bottom of the sump just above the foot valve.

  So when water goes down near the head of the foot valve the sensor senses it and switches off the motor, thus Dry Run of the motor is prevented and hence the motor is safe.

Working Model

Suitable For Single/Three Phase with
all types of starter
Installation Type Cabling
Audible Alarm No
Model Number SA-2000
LED Indicators Yes
Number of Sensors 2
Covered in Warranty Device
Power Requirement AC 230V

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