Semi Automatic Without Sump

Semi Automatic Without Sump

Semi Automatic Without Sump

  This model is used commonly among people who use one motor and have 2 and above overhead tanks. Here the customer has to just switch ON the motor by simply pressing a feather touch switch.

  Once the motor is ON customer can carry on with their work.

  Motor automatically switches OFF once the tank is full.

  Thus not even a drop of water will be wasted.


  The unit is to be installed near the motor switch. 

  A two core sensor wire has to travel from the water level semi automatic to overhead tank.

  A non-corrosive sensor is placed inside the overhead tank just below the overflow pipe.

  Once the water touches the sensor the motor automatically switches OFF.

Working Model

Suitable For Single/Three Phase with
all types of starter
Installation Type Cabling
Audible Alarm No
Model Number SA-1000
LED Indicators Yes
Number of Sensors 1
Covered in Warranty Device
Power Requirement AC 230V

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